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  • Deploy app 1.4


  • Sebi Datainput
  • Fix dates for security audit


  • Change logo colors -> create svg


  • Advanced tests #lowprio
  • Basic React Test with jest and apollo mock #lowprio
  • Test sorting


  • Filter search results by role #prio
  • Clear input box on setQuery


User Management

  • Enable Registration #proposal

Filter and Sort

  • Add table pagination #define strategy
  • Sort nested objects on client side -> fix switching


  • Add about page and reference apland


  • Setup sentry integration for logging and analytics




  • No word wraps for station document link list
  • Create station with documents does not work
  • Create tenant with user does not add user
  • Resolve Error: Store reset while query was in flight (not completed in link chain) on Settings update
  • Fix select box referesh on pages without redirect
  • Catching the token expired error ignores all errors
  • If submit is propagated from child form the schema required definition are ignored!?


  • Custom fields bypassing schema hasRole directive




  • Add hosting concept
  • Upload and Send presentation to Lu add demo login
  • Enable and configure owasp modsecuirty from modsecurity branch
  • [-] Setup kubernetes cluster and deploy with helm scripts?! or simply with Ansible #education
  • Add login redirect http://localhost:3001/station/5d9b371b5a157f000815a2a4 should not redirect -> Make routes wait until finished loading
  • redirectLink does not work properly
  • Shorten url link on documents and make clickable
  • Quiz mit Forms?
  • Fix User Update controlled password problem
  • Delete prompt automatially opens and cannot be closed
  • Persist database #topprio
  • Deploy new release
  • Install for ZHAW
  • Publish docker images
  • Search when pressing enter -> no debounce and instant search #prio
  • Ensure to improve performance -> check query search
  • [-] Hide search results if input box looses focus; use onBlur is too fast
  • Move api code into src folder
  • Dokumente in Stationsansicht erfassen
  • Upload code to ZHAW GitHub
  • Add table sort feature
  • Add select list sort
  • Ensure save button is always first in row -> default on enter
  • Format success alert message
  • Hide logout button on mobile behind dots menu -> Move logout button to menu
  • Write a markdown guide and integrate it under help section
  • GitHub action badge show no status
  • QR-Code color add black
  • Copy QR-code image with text to clipboard
  • Bump to node 12.x
  • Update screenshot
  • wordwrap for qrcode links on mobile
  • Hide search immediately on click
  • Remove query if result clicked
  • Do not show empty results while search is running
  • Enable travis or circle ci or GitHub action
  • User Account löschen
  • Manage Tenant assigned Users
  • Fix layout
  • Finish search feature
  • Where is the tenant role
  • Change max width of login -> create login dialog box
  • Change color according ZHAW CI/CD
  • Fachgruppe Bioproz erwähnen ->
  • Script that copies data from prod to test
  • Setup graphql integration tests
  • Setup basic CRUD tests
  • Setup docker images and nginx proxy
  • Heidi Strahm hosting kontaktieren
  • Offerte anpassen
  • Neue Offerte mit Hosting und Hostingkonzept
  • Update Menu with arrow
  • Add global search for all types Result { title, content, type, link } - search(contains: "keyword") Return list position: absolute; top: 100%; z-index: 100; left: 0px; right: auto; display: none; and debounce from lodash
  • Fix error with createAlert loop -> Write directly?
  • Refresh get current user query on logout
  • Add about page with GitHub link
  • FIX making user.password uncontrolled when update user
  • make created_by and updated_by resolvable
  • Enable password reset on updateUserProfile
  • Fix error if token invalidates
  • Hide menus if no permission
  • Create custom query to get redirect document and prevent access to stations and documents by default
  • Ensure access permissions with Role Admin, Manager and User
  • Add QR Redirect with follow and not follow create /qr node app that gets data from api via fetch and create custom query for document url and follow?
  • Create QR Code printer for all stations
  • Add active category for tenant
  • Create user management view
  • change theme color
  • [-] create table builder
  • [-] Adjust Price in Offerte
  • [-] Add nginx conf and server.js to run everything as server
  • Update headerloginbutton when login
  • Fix Get nested document ids
  • Add settings page to switch tenants
  • Create assignedTenant query and create user list for tenant
  • Fix get created and updated by user
  • Set default cache on store reset
  • Create basic app with User, Station, Document, Category and Tenant
  • Filter all data by tenant
  • [-] Create Trail and use StationTransferList
  • Select documents in station view with DocumentTransferList
  • Finish Station CRUD
  • Add error message -> or Redirect with success message
  • Delete Prompt Dialog -> Did not work shrug -> event.preventDefault was missing
  • Alert on save, delete and create.
  • Set header title and favicon
  • Fix refresh after single station item edit
  • Fix add station with document selection
  • [-] Enable sortable document list
  • created_by must be user id
  • Create proof of concept with login, saml and qr code.
  • Configure eslint for api and auth
  • Login and Logout method
  • Checkout Moodle and treasure hunt plugin
  • QR Code scanning with Android?
  • Send Konzept, Vorgehen mit Offerte to Lukas
  • Anforderungen Referenzieren
  • Referenzen zusammenstellen
  • Ask before holidays august. Auftragsvergabe in den nächsten Wochen.
  • Get ZHAW SWITCHaai contact
  • Get ZHAW infra and mail send contact
  • Ask Sebi about document and video publish
  • Ask ZHAW contact
  • Offerte übearbeiten
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