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Tower Hopscotch [PSIT3-HS17-IT16aWIN-5]

Project Idea

The plan is to develop a tower defence strategy game for desktop PCs. The primary objective will be to defend a central structure over multiple landscapes against waves of enemy units. This is accomplished by building defensive structures to divert, impede and destroy the incoming foes. Each enemy that is stopped will provide the player with a set amount of currency that allows him to further improve his defences. In our game the player must manage multiple different maps at once, all of which have enemies that move towards the central structure. These maps can be either automatically generated or the player may design his own levels and play on them.

Read more about our project in the Project Outline!

Group Members

Stefan Bösch, Nicolas Eckhart, Raphael Emberger and Philipp Meier

Project setup

The application is developed in Java in Jetbrains IntelliJ IDEA IDE. The project itself is located under towerhopscotch/.

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