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Trickster is a mobile android app, focused on agile and tricky sports, such as kendama, tricking and juggling. Trickster provides an overview of tricks (known as lists) you can do and learn, providing the difficulty, description, pictures and if available videos to each trick. With the app, you can make your own lists, mark them as mastered and share your own made lists.

It is not necessary to create an account to use this app, you will still be able to look at the lists. Though if you want to track your progress and share your own lists, you will need an account.

Project goal

For PSIT4, instead of focusing on a colletion of sports, we will only put focus on the kendama category.

Download and installation

Make sure your Android Device runs Android 7.0 or higher and that you activate "install apps from unsafe sources" found in your Android settings under "device security".

Download the latest release of the Trickster app here:

Click on the .apk file and follow the installation wizard.

Running the tests

To run the tests, please make sure that you have installed the Android SDK and have an emulator with at least Android version 8.1.1 and API 27.

You will also need a Gradle installation on your computer (minimal version 4.4).

Once the repository is cloned, use the following command in the root directory of the project (folder "Trickster"):

gradle build

After the build finished, you use the following command to run all tests:

gradle testAll
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