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Adventure Dice Game


The game is played on an hexagonal board with inspiration from the Sid Meiers's Civilization game series. The board is empty, except for the players. The dice roll determines in which direction the player has to move (i.e. 1 is up, 2 up-right etc.) in a clockwise manner around the hexagon, where the player is positioned.

The game is round based. First, the dice is rolled. The player moves towards the direction the dice tells him.

  • If the player lands on a vacant field, he can put something on it.
  • If the player reaches an occupied field, he has to handle the situation.
  • If the player lands on a field occupied by another player, they'll fight. The winner obtains some of the loser's resources. This also happens, when the player is fighting against a monster.

There is one resource. With this resource, the player can choose to get stronger, to summon monsters or to obtain equipment.

Additional information:

Compass with directions: N, NE, SE, S, SW, NW

Things one can put the field:

  • Monsters (drops resources/equipment)
  • Teleporter
  • Random fields with benefits (generated/disappears after x turns)
  • If a field with benefits spawns on a monster field, the benefits are added to the reward of the monster battle

Starting classes:

  • Differentiated by starting weapons / armour

Battle mechanics:

  • Dungeons and Dragons-like
  • Choose weapon before battle starts


  • Magic potions can be used
  • Magic scrolls (spells used in battle)
  • Players that summon a monster a on a field cannot walk back to that field

Project leader
Flurin Gishamer (gishaflu)

Project members
Philipp Krayer (krayephi)
Alex Westermann (westeale)
Christian Sami (samichr1)
Marko Besarabic (besarmar)


latest release

older releases

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