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CAS Information Engineering - Scripting

Scripting Project Andreas Kurer

About this Script

A script to get the amount of bike-parking spaces in a certain area around a mobility location. You can choose between the starting point, define some variables (e.g. walking distance) to find the best (closest, number of parking spaces) mobility location.

required and used non-standard packages

  • folium==0.10.0
  • ipywidgets==7.5.0
  • pandas==0.24.2
  • plotly==4.2.1
  • tqdm==4.32.1

Special note

At first i wanted to use the following datasets

Unfortunately there have been some issues regarding the second source. Download The dataset "Strassenverkehrsunfallorte" could not be retreived directly via url. Writing a script to press the DOWNLOAD button would have been possible, regarding the limited time i had for this project i had to let go of this idea. An other problen were different coordinate systems the datasets hat different coordinate systems, which would complicate the setting even more. Therefore i chose to change my sources to the following two:

Initial Values

  • mobilityData: tuple consisting of file and json-url
  • zweiradData: tuple consisting of file and json-url
  • startingPointsData: path to csv-file containing the starting points
  • default_startingpoint: default value (integer) for starting point
  • max_timedif: refresh-rate in minutes
  • max_biking_dist: max biking-distance from starting point in km
  • max_walking_dist: max walking distance from bike parking space towards mobility point in meter

Andreas Kurer, 2019-11-10

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