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neukoluc and burkhfla enable SimpleAiAgent to trade with the bank (#30)
* enable SimpleAiAgent to trade with the bank

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Settlers Of Catan

PSIT4 project by

  • Mischa Kolb
  • Daniela Egli
  • Luca Neukom
  • Flavian Burkhard
  • Andreas Meier
  • Simon Schneider
  • Valentino Tella
  • Thomas Witrahm
  • Karin Mönch

This is the Java Backend for the project.


Guice is used for Dependency Injection. The default port 4567 is used.

JUnit5 is used as the testing framework.



This interface is a demonstration on how to create endpoints with sparkjava.

You will need to follow these steps to recreate this:

  • Create your interface. This must extend the interface Endpoint.
  • Create an implementation, see ExampleEndpointImpl.
  • Use the methods provided by the Spark class to define your routes in the init method. See
  • Write tests for your endpoint, see ExampleEndpointTest.
  • Add your endpoint to EndpointModule. The line endpointBinder.addBinding().to(ExampleEndpointImpl.class) tells Guice to pass the endpoint to any class requesting them to be injected. In this case, this will be the Server class, which will then run your endpoint.
  • Run the main method in Server. The endpoint is now available under https://localhost:4567/hello.
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