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Settlers Of Catan

PSIT4 project by

  • Mischa Kolb
  • Daniela Egli
  • Luca Neukom
  • Flavian Burkhard
  • Andreas Meier
  • Simon Schneider
  • Valentino Tella
  • Thomas Witrahm
  • Karin Mönch

Running the game standalone

The easy way - download a prebuilt package

Go to and download the archive that fits you. Follow the instructions in the release to run it.

The hard way - build your own package

Checkout this repository. Run npm run deploy. Then checkout and run scripts/ Move the resulting target/Server.jar to deploy in the frontend checkout. Run whichever script suits your OS.

Running the project

Simply use npm start. This will run browserify to create public/src/bundle.js and then run an express server to serve it. A browser will open automatically.

Developing for the project

For easier development, run npm run dev. This will run watcherify, which makes sure any changes to the source files is represented in the public/src/bundle.js, and then starts the express server as usual. Run npm run validate to run eslint. Make sure this reports no errors, otherwise your change will not pass AppVeyor.

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