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πŸ† Unser 3-tes gemeinsames Projekt πŸ†
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Settlers of Catan


This is the game Settlers of Catan implemented in java based on the console.

Getting Started

A complete user manual is available in the wiki

Clone the project to your local system and open it in an IDE. We recommend using IntelliJ. However you can use Eclipse or other Java IDE's as well.


  • Java 11
  • A Java IDE of your choice (E.g. Eclipse or IntelliJ)


After cloning the project to your local system, open up the project in your Java IDE. Make sure you have Java 11 installed on your system.

Navigate to: Files -> Project structure -> Libraries -> Press the add icon and add the two libraries provided in the libs folder. (slf4j-api-2.0.0-alpha1 and text-io-3.3.0)

Navigate to: Files -> Project structure -> Project -> Define an output folder called 'out' in the project root folder and use it as output folder. Also setup the jdk and the Project language level for this project.

Mark the 'src' folder as sources root folder.

Mark the 'test' folder as tests root folder.

Add JUnit 5.4 librarie to the project.

Then build the application and run it.



  1. File -> Project Structure -> Project Settings -> Artifacts -> Click green plus sign -> Jar -> From modules with dependencies... -> Select gruppe403-mouret-projekt2-siedler as Module -> Select ch.zhaw.catan.SettlersOfCatan As MainClass -> Click OK
  2. Build -> Build Artifacts
  3. Jar is created in the folder out/artifacts/


  • Michael Isler - Leader of the Mouret Developement Team - islermic
  • Simon Brun - Part of the Mouret Developement Team - brunsi01
  • Julius Berger - Part of the Mouret Developement Team - bergejul
  • Dominik Batliner - Part of the Mouret Developement Team - batlidom

See also the list of contributors who participated in this project.

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