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BSy - Vorlesungszusammenfassung

Der Ordner BSy - Vorlesungszusammenfassung beinhaltet eine Zusammefassung der Lerznziele der Vorlesung (im LaTeX Format).


This repo contains my own solutions to the 'uebungen' for the ZHAW course BSy, held in spring semester 2020.

Folder structure

├── u0x                             # each 'uebung' has a dedicated folder
│   ├── img                         # folder with images from the slides or similar
|   ├──                      # my own worked out solution
|   ├── u0x.pdf                     # problem set
│   ├── u0x-lsg-aufgaben.pdf        # 'musterloesung' for 'aufgaben' (if there were any)
|   ├── u0x-lsg-lernziele.pdf       # 'musterloesung' for 'lernziele'
|   ├── u0x-onenote.pdf             # handwriten notes or solutions, normally for 'aufgaben'


Uebung Topics Status Remarks
U01 Einleitung, Übersicht, Geschichte done
U02 Computersysteme first iteration reviewed open issues/questions: questions 5; Aufgaben 1-3
U03 Prozesse und Threads first iteration reviewed open issues/questions: Aufgabe 1
U04 Scheduling first iteration done Lernzieltests more or less done, still some Aufgaben open
U05 Deadlocks, Concurrency und Synchronisation first iteration reviewed lernziele DONE // aufgaben: tasks 1,2,4,5 unclear
U06 Interprozesskommunikation und Synchronisation first iteration reviewed lernziele: tasks 9,11-14 small questions // Aufgaben: still unclear
U07 Memory Management, Virtual Memory there is something not sure
U08 Input / Output there is something not sure


If you find any mistakes, please open an issue and I will have a look at it.


Feel free to use those solutions for your own exam preparation, but N.B.: I cannot assume any guarantee for the content's correctness.

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