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Repository for the Swisstext 2020 Shared Task 2


|    data
|    |
|    | train_tweets.csv  # contains Twitter IDs of tweets in Swiss German constituting the training set
|    | train_tweets.full.csv  # generated by running
|    | test_tweets.csv  # contains Twitter IDs of tweets constituting the test set
|    | test_tweets.full.csv  #  generated by running
|    | sample_submission.csv  # example of how your submission should look like
|  # this readme file
|    requirements.txt  # requirements for the repo
|  # script for downloading tweets given their IDs
|  # script for checking for potential problems with a submission
|  # evaluation script

How to build training set:

  • First install the required dependencies:
pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Enter your Twitter Api keys into
  • run python -m download_tweets, this will take around 36 minutes due to rate limiting

How to build test set:

  • run python -m download_tweets ./data/test_tweets.csv, this will take a while due to rate limiting

Checking your submission

  • run python -m check_submission /path/to/your/submission.csv to check for potential problems with your submission. It will check for parsing problems, missing entries, and similar issues.

Evaluate a submission with gold labels

  • run python -m evaluation /path/to/your/submission.csv
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