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The application performs the following tasks:

  • Caches locally an address book of Zurich city (GPS coordinates -> street name)
  • Periodically fetches the current state of all electric car charging stations in Switzerland
  • Correlates the station GPS coordinates with the GPS coordinates available in the address book
  • Aggretates for each station the number of activity changes
  • Provides a web view for:
    • Station locations and their current state
    • Station activity history (Zeitstrahl)
    • Number of activities per station
    • Number of activities per station per month

The application can be started using docker-compose. To start the application, run the following command: docker-compose -f project.yml up

The application can then be accessed in the browser at http://localhost:8080/map

Note that since the database container created by docker-compose will be brand new, there will be no cached activities in the database first. Thus, the application needs to run for a few hours until some activity changes can be observed by the application and cached in the database.

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